Back To School: DIY Hallway Homework Station

Back To School: DIY Hallway Homework Station


Welcome to our DIY guide on creating a functional and stylish hallway homework station for the upcoming school year. Transforming a hallway space into a productive study nook can enhance your child’s learning environment and organization skills. Let’s dive into the steps of this exciting project!

Materials Needed:

  • Wall-mounted shelves
  • Desk or folding table
  • Storage bins or baskets
  • Pegboard
  • Hooks
  • Wallpaper or paint
  • Art supplies
  • Organizational tools

Step 1: Planning and Preparation

Start by measuring the hallway space and determining the layout of your homework station. Consider the height of your child, the amount of storage needed, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Make a list of the materials and tools required for the project.

Step 2: Installing Wall-Mounted Shelves

Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs and mount the shelves securely. Ensure the shelves are at a suitable height for your child to access books, stationery, and other study materials easily.

Step 3: Setting Up the Desk

Place a desk or a folding table against the wall beneath the shelves. This will serve as the main workspace for your child. Make sure the desk is sturdy and provides enough surface area for studying and completing assignments.

Step 4: Adding Storage Bins and Baskets

Use storage bins or baskets to organize books, papers, and supplies. Label the bins for easy identification and encourage your child to keep their station tidy and clutter-free.

Step 5: Creating a Pegboard Organizer

Install a pegboard on the wall to hang backpacks, jackets, and frequently used items. Add hooks of various sizes to accommodate different accessories and keep the hallway neat and organized.

Step 6: Decorating the Space

Add a touch of creativity to the homework station by decorating the walls with wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint. Incorporate art supplies and inspirational quotes to inspire your child during study sessions.

Step 7: Organizing Supplies

Utilize containers and organizational tools to store pens, pencils, markers, and other stationery items. Keep a designated spot for each item to promote a sense of order and efficiency.

Step 8: Personalizing the Station

Encourage your child to personalize their homework station with photos, artwork, and motivational posters. Creating a space that reflects their personality and interests can boost their productivity and enjoyment of studying.


By following these steps, you can create a functional and inspiring hallway homework station that will set your child up for academic success. Embrace the back-to-school season with this DIY project that combines organization, creativity, and style!

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