DIY Guide: Hanging a Christmas Tree of Lights on the Wall

DIY Guide: Hanging a Christmas Tree of Lights on the Wall


Welcome to our DIY guide on creating a stunning Christmas tree of lights right on your wall! Skip the traditional tree this year and opt for a unique and space-saving decoration that will light up your home in a magical way.

Materials You’ll Need

  • String lights
  • Hooks or adhesive clips
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Extension cord
  • Decorative ornaments (optional)

Step 1: Planning and Preparation

Before you begin, decide on the size and shape of the tree you want to create. Use the pencil and tape measure to mark the outline of the tree on the wall. Make sure to leave space at the top for a star or a decorative piece.

Step 2: Hanging the Lights

Start at the top of the tree outline and secure the end of the string lights with hooks or adhesive clips. Slowly work your way down, following the outline you drew earlier. Make sure to evenly distribute the lights to create a full and balanced look.

Step 3: Adding Depth and Texture

To give your tree dimension, consider wrapping some lights around branches or creating a zig-zag pattern. This will add depth and texture to your wall tree, making it look more realistic and captivating.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Once all the lights are in place, step back and admire your work. You can further enhance the tree by adding decorative ornaments or ribbons. Get creative and personalize your wall tree to match your home’s decor.

Step 5: Powering Up

Connect the string lights to an extension cord and plug it into an outlet. Make sure the cord is hidden discreetly behind furniture or along the baseboard. Turn on the lights and watch as your wall tree comes to life with a warm and festive glow.


Congratulations on creating your very own Christmas tree of lights on the wall! This unique and eye-catching decoration will surely impress your guests and bring the holiday spirit into your home. Experiment with different light colors and patterns to make it truly your own. Happy decorating!

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