Kid’s Bathroom Updates You Can Do in a Weekend

Kid’s Bathroom Updates You Can Do in a Weekend


Welcome to our DIY guide on transforming your kid’s bathroom in just one weekend! The bathroom is a space where kids spend a significant amount of time, so why not make it fun, functional, and visually appealing for them? In this guide, we will provide you with easy and budget-friendly ideas to give your kid’s bathroom a fresh new look.

1. Colorful Accents

One of the quickest ways to update a kid’s bathroom is by adding colorful accents. Consider painting the walls a bright and cheerful color that your child loves. You can also add pops of color through towels, shower curtains, and accessories. This simple change can instantly transform the look and feel of the space.

2. Creative Storage Solutions

Organizing a kid’s bathroom can be a challenge, but with creative storage solutions, you can make the most of the space. Install floating shelves for extra storage, use bins and baskets to corral toys and toiletries, and consider adding a pegboard for hanging towels and robes. Keeping the space organized will not only make it look better but also make it easier for your child to find what they need.

3. DIY Artwork

Add a personal touch to the bathroom by creating DIY artwork with your child. This could be as simple as framing their artwork or creating a gallery wall of family photos. You can also incorporate fun and educational prints related to the bathroom, such as alphabet or animal prints. Get creative and let your child’s imagination shine!

4. Faucet and Hardware Updates

Upgrading the faucet and hardware in the bathroom can make a big impact on the overall look. Consider replacing outdated faucets with more modern designs, and swap out old drawer pulls and knobs for something fresh and fun. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference these small changes can make.

5. Lighting Fixtures

Good lighting is essential in a kid’s bathroom, both for functionality and ambiance. Consider installing new light fixtures that provide ample light for tasks like brushing teeth and washing hands. You can also add a playful touch with a whimsical night light or string lights for a cozy atmosphere during bath time.

6. Easy DIY Projects

Take on some simple DIY projects to add character to the bathroom. You can make a personalized step stool for your child to reach the sink, create a custom soap dispenser using their favorite characters, or even paint a fun design on the bathroom door. These projects are not only fun to do but also add a unique touch to the space.

With these easy and creative updates, you can give your kid’s bathroom a fresh new look in just one weekend. Have fun transforming the space into a place that your child will love spending time in!

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