Bathtub Liner Installation

What’s included with this service?

  • Leveling and prepping site for bathtub liner installation
  • Installing customer-supplied liner
  • Reconnecting plumbing and verifying operation
  • Hauling away old liner (if applicable)

Why install a shower or bathtub liner?

Liners are molded acrylic inserts that slip over top of your old tub or within your shower. A full liner covering your old tub and walls is a quick and efficient way to instantly improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Liners can also protect against future moisture, rust and other forms of water damage. They are extremely durable and easy to clean, because you can use abrasive materials on them without causing damage.

Why hire a pro to install my liner?

Bathtub liner installation can be cumbersome and difficult. It’s important to hire a professional that can do the job right. Improper bathtub liner installation can lead to gaps in your liner’s seal that can be unsightly at best and can lead to water seepage behind the liner resulting in structural damage in the worst cases.

What types of liners can I install using this service?

This bathtub liner installation includes a variety of liners for your tub or shower, including liners with alcoves and wall inserts. Liners that do not cover the walls around the tub take less effort and usually cost less than liners that cover the entire wall around your tub.

Does this service include a new liner?

This service is for installation only. You must supply the bathtub liner of your choosing. Any other materials not included with your product will be supplied by your service provider.

Does this service include installation of fixtures within my tub or shower?

When your provider installs the new bathtub liner, they will need to remove the old faucets and accessories on your tub or shower and replace them after the job is done. You can provide your new faucets and accessories to your provider at the time of installation.


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