Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

What’s included with chimney cleaning?

  • Inspection of fireplace for damage and excess creosote
  • Cleaning of your open-front fireplace
  • Inspection of fire box and damper operation
  • Inspection of smoke chamber, masonry, and chimney crown

How often should I get my fireplace cleaned?

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, a yearly cleaning done by a pro chimney sweep to remove creosote buildup will keep your fireplace functioning safely. The NFPA says that creosote, an oily, highly flammable residue produced from burning wood, is responsible for the majority of chimney-related fires in the U.S., so getting an annual chimney cleaning from a professional chimney sweep is an important home maintenance chore you shouldn’t defer.

What’s involved in a chimney cleaning service?

When the time comes to do a chimney cleaning, you need a pro chimney sweep you can trust to do the work, to make sure your chimney is as free of creosote as possible. Just as you can purchase a product on, you can also just add the chimney cleaning service to your cart and pay the same way for the chimney sweep service that you always have for products on Amazon. Nothing happens without your approval, and the pro chimney sweep isn’t paid until the chimney cleaning is complete. During the chimney cleaning service, the professional chimney sweep will inspect the all parts of the fireplace for damage, clean out the creosote, and make certain the chimney and fireplace are working correctly.


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