Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning

What’s included with a Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning?

Clean bathroom vanity, tub, mirrors, toilet, shower tracks, hand wipe bathroom baseboards, and exterior of bathroom cabinets
Clean kitchen counters, sink, table, stove top, interior and exterior of microwave, exterior of fridge, oven (range hood and drip pans), and hand wipe exterior of kitchen cabinets
Dusting of blinds, window sills, and light fixtures (within arms reach)
Mopping, vacuuming all rooms, washing of interior windows and sliding glass door (within arms reach)
Interior trash cans emptied and brought to outside trash can


Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning can be a dirty, time-consuming, and difficult job. A cleaning professional will ensure your home is thoroughly deep cleaned. By leaving the Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning to a professional, you can enjoy more time for yourself instead of spending hours trying to complete your Spring Cleaning over valuable weekend time. Spring Cleaning professionals have the right supplies, tools, and equipment to complete the job on time. Why waste hours purchasing supplies for Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning that you may only use once. Deep Cleaning and Spring Cleaning can sometimes take a lot longer than expected. You’re welcome to purchase the largest Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning option above and discuss your particular needs directly with your cleaning professional, who can then provide you a custom price estimate. You can choose to accept or refuse the Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning estimate, and you’ll only be charged after the job is complete.


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